January light, so light


polyester, mylar, steel wire
in situ

During January’s brief days three installations respond to available light and air movement at the McClure Gallery.

In Spinning World (version écran), installed near the large front window, a subtle show of lines of light appear most of the day. This bit of light is cast onto frosted mylar panels from assemblies of cut polyester attached to curved wires which turn slowly with any breeze from the opening gallery door. But between 3 and 3:30 pm on sunny days, light reflecting off windows across the street illuminates these spinners which in turn cast bright trains of light across the mylar panels.

Sans titre (light study 01/2015) is a simple assembly of mirroed mylar panels suspended to respond to changing air currents, in turn reflecting even the slightest glimmer of daylight onto a sheet of paper hung nearby. Even days of heavy snowfall days cast light “shows” on the paper.

A few halogen lights, however, help illuminate Vie étendue (feelers) on a wall where the only daylight reflects off the white surfaces of those adjacent to it. Strips of polyester film are suspended from wires inserted into this wall, which is hung with backdrop paper. The strips move gently with changes in air from the door opening or a visitor walking past, reflecting incongruously curved lines of light on the paper.

Galerie McClure, Westmount, Quebec