movies (écrans)

This is a compilation of video clips where something appears that is not actually in the frame. Some were taken in my studio, some while walking, as I started to notice little dramas showing on screens all around me.

movies (rideaux)

This is a compilation of images taken over several years, from moments spent noticing certain movements, curtain movements. Some of them were digitized from super 8 film, some with a DSLR on tripod, and some the result of trying to hold my phone still at least 30 seconds…


I’ve often been lucky to catch sight of big flocks of Bohemian waxwings passing through southern British Columbia late in the year. Mountain ash trees become wing-filled electromagnets, drawing them in and releasing them back to the sky where they seem to pull apart from one another, but never completely. How do they keep track of each other to maintain these amazing formations without colliding?