Air de réflexion

Permanent installation at the new Centre hospitalier de l’université de Montréal, 2017

A network of lines, each the length of outstretched arms, form an entity with its own weight, logic and reflectivity. Its internal structure is a path marked out by Ursa Major and Minor over the course of thousands of years, as they would be glimpsed above us, midwinter night. Waiting in a hospital feels like forever, while out there stars move so slowly compared to us they may as well be eternal. We recognize them wordlessly, call them by names from Greek and Arabic, our many languages bringing us closer than they push us apart. 

Stainless steel. Manufactured slowly by hand with the help of Lalie Douglas and Jo-Anne Balcaen. Thanks also to Louis Dumontier, Ariel Dumontier and their team, and to Lucas Fuglem, Adèle Fuglem and Louis Barrette.