Unititled (le mur qui respire/breathing wall)

cast rubber latex, acrylic; fans, timer: 118 x 177 x 6 in /300 X 450 X 15 cm
(remade 2010 in silicone)

A membrane of cast rubber latex swells almost imperceptibly in and out, in a mechanical semblance of breathing.  It mimics the surface of a wall with gyproc removed, its surface more like skin than paint. It is backlit in a softly lit room,  giving it a film-like presence. The sound of the fans inflating and deflating is at first calming, but its robotic persistence eventually becomes menacing.

Le mur qui respire, La Chambre blanche, Québec (1997); curator Lisanne Nadeau
Home Invasion, YYZ, Toronto (1997); curators Dai Skuse and Bernie Miller
Corps et sonorité, Musée de Rimouski, Québec (1998); curator: Carl Johnson
La Biennale de Montréal (1998); curator: Claude Gosselin
Conversations with Light and Air, Two Rivers Gallery (2010);
curator: George Harris; technician Ken Turner

production assistance: Louis Barrette, Lalie Douglas (2010 silicone version)